Top Veterinary School Rankings 2010 – Best Colleges in USA

The top veterinary schools as ranked by the US News and World Report reflect the fact that many of today’s public universities were strong on agriculture education when they were founded in the mid-nineteenth century. In states that still have a significant agriculture component to their economy one or more of the state schools have strong veterinary programs. The top 20 U.S. veterinary colleges:


2.Colorado State University

3.University of California/Davis

4.University of Pennsylvania

5.North Carolina State University

6.Ohio State University

7.Texas A&M

8.University of Wisconsin

9.Michigan State University

10.University of Minnesota

11.University of Florida

12.University of Georgia

13.Tufts University

14.Auburn University

15.Purdue University

16.University of Tennessee

17.Kansas State University

18.University of Illinois

19.University of Missouri

20.Virginia Tech

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