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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia - Nivel Universitario Agronomia, Veterinaria y afines

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia - Nivel Universitario Agronomia, Veterinaria y afines

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is a University with branches in 20 cities of the country. With over 45 thousand students, its presence and action make it an inclusive, decentralized and leader institution.

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is an institution of superior education of social property, linked to the Social Economy sector.

Its main purposes are: the FORMATION of professionals with political, creative and solidarity criteria who contribute to the harmonic development of society; the RESEARCH, linked to the exercise of teaching, as a contribution to the social and scientific issues; and the EXTENSION oriented to the public service and the effective bond with the productive sector.

In an active and flexible learning environment, the university offers education services in sciences, techniques, technologies and humanities fields, at the graduate, postgraduate and non formal education level.

As a community, The University the values freedom, solidarity, fairness and respect to diversity, as essential aspects for the construction of a new society.

Vision 2010
In 2012, The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia will be an alternative university, organized as a network and promoter of the social inclusion. It will be recognized nationally and internationally for the innovation in its educative services, the formation of competent professionals and citizens, and the high quality of its academic programs. It will be a research university system integrated to networks of knowledge.

Its community will be integrated by permanently instructed teams who contribute to the continuous institutional improvement, the environment protection and sustainable development through the Social Economy.

Principles / Philosophy
The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia not only recognizes but incorporates the education as a public service. It reaffirms and practices the freedom of teaching, learning and research and establishes the strengthening of democracy as a final purpose.

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is considered and alternative university because of the practice of the following principles:

In first place, it is a university that belongs to the Social Economy sector. It means a social property and sense of its programs and projects oriented to a population that, by other means, has no access to superior education. Its purpose is to develop the potential of the people who benefit from the services and of the social sectors that have needs to be met by them

Secondly, among its goals, the university has the education of professionals with political criteria, convinced that politics is the strategy to canalize participation. It is also the resource to express needs and expectations of society, the possibility to be part of power, the mechanism to make collective decisions and a path to think and restructure society.

It is a university open and flexible. It is always willing to incorporate change and adapt to it in a reflexive and proactive way. The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is far from joining mechanically to trends or ways invented or imposed by others. On the contrary, it creates spaces for individual and collective expressions that nourish solidarity within the institution.

The university looks ahead. This means that our services look for anticipating to the requirements of society through projective strategies.

The university is, at the same time, national and regional, this implies the conciliation of differences among the conceptions of what should be done in the country, what should be consider a priority and what should be adopted as a social commitment

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is the scenario for the local, regional and national interaction, with international trends.

Finally, the university believes and practices the University Social Responsibility, through committing institutionally with the caring and promotion of the natural and social environments that are healthy and fair. We are also committed to professional and academic exercises that are ethical and responsible with other present and future beings. We are convinced that a better and more inclusive world is built upon everyone´s participation.

SOLIDARITY, heart of the institutional values and source of the formation of people with social responsibility, thanks to the collective work and the interdisciplinary nature.

EQUITY, in first instance expressed with the offer of services with no distinction of race, religion, political party or social origin. This is an essential contribution to the structure of democracy.

RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY based on the conviction of human being diversity as a potential element for progress. It is a basic value when considering the different realities and individual condition of our members and the local, regional and national organization ways that describe our branches. Its development implies tolerance and pluralism.

FREEDOM essential value of humanity in the search of the truth without any restriction. In order to produce knowledge and society progress the consciousness of human beings on their rights, interests, duties and political responsibilities with a high sense of collective responsibility becomes necessary.

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