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The Universidad Jose Ballivián, Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias

The University Hospital is one of the most anticipated works of this leading of Guillermo Suárez Zambrano management, leads quite expect to be part of the creation of the medical career at the Autonomous University of Beni (AUB), because it opens a new training possibility for Youth people from Beni region and for the country. The work supervisor said that contracted micro enterprise extreme effort to meet their commitments, although back the period is not the most appropriate for the constant rains that fall in the region, therefore, the workers operate under cover.
"We are working on in accelerated form to meet the delivery on time, work is advanced 95 percent of 1,200 square meters covered by this stage which includes administration offices, clinics, environments for X-ray, laboratory, entrance and interior gardens, courtyard, in a total of 1,200 square meters, "said built Supervisor.
A second phase includes the operating room, hospitalization, intensive care, emergency room, morgue, an amphitheater, the whole, some quite advanced because it has brute construction work and globally construction spends 60 percent of 3,500 m2.
The University Hospital is a great construction, which build groups of masons, engaged because politics is that builders are those who benefit, or give them jobs in a sector where has no access to undertake this nature of works because bigger enterprise are the ones who win the bids.
However, with this methodology, the University gave work to some extent unprotected sector because they lack health insurance, against risks, often without work, therefore that everyone has an assignment to fulfill.
It is for this reason that no one can talk about a specific amount, but if the benefit that will result because it is a modern hospital that will serve not only to the University security, but also the individuals who require specialized medical service rather than everything will be the focus of research and practice of future physicians.years ago, come the first ideas to create a new study option among Trinitarians graduates and Beni region student, criteria and flow are turned into a need and request of the population while the medical career to the Autonomous University of Beni.
All thought accompanied the University Autonomy project led by the president Guillermo Suárez Zambrano, institutional growth, expand academic offerings, training professional of quality and achieve academic excellence. 
One of the parents for the career consolidation was Dr. Plácido Tereb Gil, Just "we were fully a group of professionals motivated by the progress of the University, also motivated by the enthusiasm of the highest authority provided for projects, initiatives and motivations and academic opportunities that the University had the possibility of opening new units to meet the needs of high school graduates; began working, "he recalls.
From that moment every movement made had only one concrete north the medical career, there was an awareness prior campaign to the completion of the Second Internal AUB Congress then a student - a teacher movement, and interested persons working in this direction, president support created a favorable climate.
It was at this event where established that created up the medical career, "since there were groups developing projects and we gradually handing over AUB highest authority, a whole baggage of experiences related to the university system.
To the above is compounded by the Academic Planning Unit with investigations into the needs of students, the Faculty of Health Sciences, by an president order, created committees to develop a document containing all the necessary based on the scientific basis of creation to be nationally accepted.
These were the followed steps, after 4 years of negotiations and structuring activities achieved a legacy that was handed to the AUB president and thus the University Council, developed a project that proposed a form of income, such as implementing throughout the global system of professional training in medicine, first developing a preparatory course with a duration of 8 months to select the best qualification for entry into the career.
Was established, like the others Universities that studies should last 5 years to be entitled under the exclusive modality of rotating internship, to meet the projection to the community, which was formerly called the circular compulsory mandatory service or mandatory province-year.
The letter was very well structured with all the details, therefore, becomes a reality today because the preparatory course starts on March 22, the career itself starts next year 2011.
Thinking that the next administration be written regular students for Medicine, as professional and human being, I think that each of us must leave something, not only writing a book or infrastructure, but something that will last forever, and I think a part in making such a big project for me is a star unit of maximum economic, political and social develop for the people, I welcome them, "said Tereb.
In this career will be reflected research that until now were not made on tropical medicine in an attempt to control or banish the endemic diseases like malaria, because there is no research institution to do so, the University is the thinking being leading forward above that, including obtaining resources to control existing morbidity and mortality.
"Being a participant in it, full of satisfaction, and we did not spend in vain for my city, because many people in the way will take the opportunity to train in this career to offer his services to humanity, that is to make a little history, Homeland and something for ourselves, "said former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.
Medical professionals should not feel invaded in its field with the training of new professionals in this field, on the contrary, should be proud because the population grows and UAB approves and supports it, it was time to become a reality.
It is believed that the university will form a bulky number of doctors and no where to work, not realizing that when you leave the first class, many of today's professionals and retirees will also be taken into account that the best thing to do is make human resources issues are inseparable from ours problems.
According Tereba, Trinidad and Beni, has skilled professionals, suitable for teaching, there is also a vocation of service, love of country and willingness to work mainly for the benefit of the community to which we owe.
The University Hospital is vital for the practices development with security, according to planning, will be completed and delivered this year because the margin of profit in the medical career will be a focal point for regional health care to the population

August 6th Av; building "Antonio Vaca Diez", piso 4, Of. 409

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