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Veterinary school requirements in School of Veterinary Medicine Louisiana State University

How to Apply for Admissions, 2010-2011

'08-'09 application cycle now open!

List of ALL Application Materials
VMCAS application
Oct. 1
Letters of recommendation
Oct. 1
Official Transcripts from
    ALL schools attended
Oct. 1
Supplemental app/fee
Nov. 15
General GRE score(s)
Nov. 15
Fall '10 official transcripts
Jan. 15

Applicants are strongly advised to carefully follow all application instructions to avoid any problems during the application process. There are several steps to the application process, and all listed application materials must be submitted to be eligible for consideration.

Early submission of all application material is strongly encouraged, as it allows the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Office to verify receipt of materials before the deadline. Due to the high volume of applications, exceptions to the given deadlines will not be considered. All application material must be RECEIVED BY - NOT postmarked by - the given deadlines. It is vitally important for all applicants to understand that the application deadlines must be met. Please remember, acceptance into any of the professional DVM programs across the country is very difficult, as there are hundreds of applicants being received for a much smaller number of available seats in the upcoming classes. The first step to the application process is submitting all material in a timely fashion.

All applicants must submit a current application each year they wish to be considered for admissions to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. This includes a new VMCAS application and letters of recommendation, all official college transcripts, official GRE scores via ETS and the LSU SVM Supplemental Application.

IMPORTANT - The VMCAS application should be started first before doing anything else. Your VMCAS ID number will be necessary for the following reasons:

    • ALL letters of recommendation (known as eLORs) MUST be submitted online through the VMCAS service.
    • You must have a VMCAS ID number in order to complete the LSU SVM Supplemental Application.
    • You must include your VMCAS identification number in all communication with the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine's Admissions Office.

VMCAS Application
All applicants to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine must apply through Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). For complete instructions on the VMCAS application procedure, please go to the VMCAS web site. (see VMCAS fee chart.) The VMCAS application will open up on June 3, 2010.

The VMCAS application, fee and three eLORS must be submitted absolutely no later than October 1, 2010 at noon (Eastern Daylight Time). There are no exceptions to the October 1 deadline!

IMPORTANT - When entering your coursework into the VMCAS system, please follow the directions closely. LIST ALL COURSES EXACTLY AS SEEN ON YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. LIST EVERY INSTANCE OF A COURSE IF A COURSE WAS REPEATED.

One of the biggest errors made deals with applicants entering their coursework. Enter ALL undergraduate/graduate coursework AS SEEN ON YOUR TRANSCRIPTS, and please use the correct PreReq Code. (For example, enter ALL biology courses under the "BS BL - Biology" PreReq Code. Do NOT exclude any coursework. The LSU SVM will decide what courses are to be used as prerequisites and which will not. Failure to follow the VMCAS instructions (and the LSU SVM instructions) can result in your application being removed from the applicant pool.

eLORs (Electronic Letters of Recommendation)
ALL letters of recommendation (eLORs) must be submitted electronically through the VMCAS application process. Applicants and evaluators will now be able to easily track the progress of their eLORS online.

The required minimum of THREE letters of recommendation must be submitted to VMCAS no later than the Oct. 1st deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that evaluators submit the eLORs through VMCAS by the Oct. 1st deadline. No letters of recommendation will be accepted after the October 1, 2010 deadline.

Letters of recommendation sent directly to the LSU SVM will NOT be accepted, and a maximum of six eLORs will be accepted by the LSU SVM. Committee letters are only considered as one letter of recommendation. NOTE - It is highly advised that at least two of your eLORs be written by DVMs for whom you may have worked.

Questions about VMCAS Application and/or eLORS?
Questions regarding the VMCAS application process and/or the submission of the electronic letters of recommendation should be directed to VMCAS either through their toll free number, 1-877-862-2740, or by email at

Official Undergraduate/Graduate Transcripts
All official transcripts for college-level coursework (undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education) must be sent to the exact address below and must be RECEIVED by - NOT postmarked - no later than October 1, 2010.

Jared Granier, M.B.A.
Director of Admissions & Enrollment
Office of Student and Academic Affairs
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Skip Bertman Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes directly from the granting institution. If an institution has the means to send electronic transcripts, the email address to which transcripts must be sent is

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts from EVERY SCHOOL ATTENDED with all post-secondary coursework regardless of the number of courses completed at one institution or whether the courses fulfill or don't fulfill the LSU SVM prerequisites. LSU students must submit a request to have their transcripts sent from the LSU Registrar's Office. (LSU transcripts are not automatically sent/received.)

Transcripts and evaluation reports for non-U.S. and non-Canadian schools must be sent to Veterinary schools through one of the following transcript evaluation services:

Josef Silny & Associates
International Education Consultants
7101 SW 102 Avenue
Miami, FL 33171
Phone: 305-273-1616
Fax: 305-273-1338
Web site:

World Education Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 745
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0745
Phone: 212-966-6311
Toll Free: 800-937-3895
Fax: 212-739-6100
Web site:

Office of International Education Services
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and
Admissions Officers
One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 520
Washington, DC 20036-1135
Phone: 202-293-9161
Web site:

Supplemental Application & Fee
The LSU SVM requires all applicants to complete and submit a supplemental application in addition to the VMCAS application. The LSU SVM Supplemental Application must be electronically submitting no later than November 15th, 2010 at 1:00pm (Eastern Daylight Time). The supplemental application must be submitted electronically - Printed, mailed hard copies will not be accepted.

The $75 non-refundable application fee can only be mailed to the LSU SVM's Admissions Office and must be postmarked no later than November 15, 2010. (Make checks and money orders payable to "Louisiana State University" - Cash and credit card payments cannot be accepted.) The exact address to which the $75 supplemental application fee must be mailed is:

Jared Granier, M.B.A.
Director of Admissions & Enrollment
Office of Student and Academic Affairs
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Skip Bertman Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Please write your VMCAS ID on the check or money order. Failure to do so could result in your application being declined.

Any questions regarding the supplemental application & fee can be directed to the LSU SVM Admissions Office at or (225)578-9538.


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