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University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

About the College
Welcome to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine's Web site.  

We impact the lives of animal and people every hour, every day through our educational, research, service, and outreach programs. This Web site provides comprehensive information about the College's professional training and graduate training programs,  research programs, Veterinary Medical Center, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and  continuing education programs.

Our newly revised professional curriculum prepares veterinary students for a wide variety of careers. Throughout the four-year program, students learn the skills and knowledge required to become successful veterinarians. The first two years of the curriculum provides students with a broad basic science background. In the third and fourth years, students begin to put the clinical and professional skills they have learned into practice, both in the classroom and in the Veterinary Medical Center. Our location in a major metropolitan area ensures access to a large companion animal caseload. In addition, Minnesota's strong agricultural base enhances exposure to a wide variety of food animals and food animal production systems.  

The College's Veterinary Medicine and Comparative and Molecular Biosciences graduate programs prepare students for careers in biomedical sciences and higher education. Taught by an outstanding faculty, students pursue master's or Ph.D. degrees in diverse disciplines including genomics, molecular biology, comparative medicine, pathology, internal medicine, surgery, and theriogenology.

The College's faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for teaching and research excellence. Areas of research strength include infectious disease, genomics, comparative medicine, public health, epidemiology and dairy, swine, and avian medicine.  

The College has an excellent library and outstanding clinical facilities. In addition, well-equipped computer laboratories, multi-media classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories are available to faculty and students.

Our close proximity to the Medical School, the College of Biological Sciences, and the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences ensures many collaborative opportunities for faculty and students. The Twin Cities area provides access to many cultural events and Minnesota offers great fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, and other recreational opportunities. 

Please feel free to contact any of us at the College for more information about our programs and services.


News and Events

Annual CVM Signature Program Research retreat
Researchers convened on on May 22 in the Cargill Building to attend the annual CVM Signature Program Research Retreat. The morning began with an introduction by the Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Srirama Rao who provided an overview of the current research status within the CVM. This was followed by a keynote speech given by Dr. David Haworth, President and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation with a presentation entitled, "Comparative Medicine: Big Picture; State of the Funding, where it is going, missed opportunities and areas for growth". Followed by Dr. Brian Buhr, Professor and Head of Applied Economics at the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, who gave a keynote speech entitled, "Livestock Health: Big picture, where it is going, areas for growth and collaboration and funding opportunities. Economic impact of animal diseases in livestock and humans". This was followed by a panel discussion, which guided the afternoon breakout sessions.
In the afternoon, researchers reconvened and participated in discussions centered on building sustainable international research programs, building and strengthening internal and external partnerships, research in translation, fundraising and how to build a sustainable research future and what core resources are needed to strengthen the research infrastructure at the CVM. The topics for the breakout sessions were based on the recommendations of the Signature Program leadership and were aimed at advancing CVM’s Signature Programs. Future discussions to prioritize and advance ideas that came out of the retreat will be planned by the Office of the Associate Dean for Research. Dr. Srirama Rao declared the event a success, “I look forward to the continued engagement of faculty and advancing the college’s research enterprise”.

Veterinary Medical Center
The Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) has served the community for more than a century. It is the most advanced, full-service referral care center for large and small animals in Minnesota. The VMC sees more than 35,000 cases annually, with specialists available in all areas of medicine and surgery. More than 50 of the veterinarians on staff have undergone several years of additional training to become board-certified specialists in a particular area of veterinary medicine.

Services unique to the VMC include:

  • Emergency services and patient care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Advanced technologies, such as a 64-slice CT unit, 3.0 tesla MRI unit, linear accelerator radiation therapy unit, and color flow Doppler echocardiography system
  • State-of-the-art intensive care unit
  • Services of a licensed social worker to assist clients with treatment decisions, end-of-life issues, and support during diagnosis, planning, and treatment
  • Access to the latest advances in veterinary medicine by the people who are developing those advances


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