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University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

Internships & Residencies

Research at the college covers the gamut of living organisms­from bacteria to toxins to virtually all animal species, including humans. It encompasses sciences ranging from complex molecular biology to epidemiology to applied medicine to public health and economics. The focus of study, service, and discovery here is to improve health in the broadest sense: the health of animals, of people, and of the environment. The College of Veterinary Medicine bridges the gap between basic and applied science, translating findings from the laboratory into useful therapies in the clinical setting.
In addition to more than 400 veterinary students, the College enrolls about 100 graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, and clinical medicine residents and interns. The overarching theme of study at the College is “Translational Biomedical Research”: the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of disease.
From anesthesiology to zoo pathology, internship & residency studies at the College of Veterinary Medicine engage students in real-world issues in translational biomedical research

internship Program Areas:

Small Animal Medicine:
anesthesiology, cardiology, dermatology, emergency and critical care, oncology, ophthalmology, medicine, radiology/imaging, and surgery.

Large Animal Medicine:
Equine Medicine and Surgery section, and the Farm Animal Reproduction, Medicine, and Surgery section.

Areas of Residency Programs:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Dentistry
  • Equine
  • Food Animal
  • Imaging and Radiation Therapy
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pathology, Anatomical
  • Pathology, Toxicologic
  • Pathology, Clinical
  • Pathology, Zoological
  • Production Medicine/Theriogenology
  • Small Animal Medicine
  • Small Animal Specialty Medicine (oncology, dermatology)
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Toxicology
  • Zoological and Aquatic Animal Residency

    We’re here for all your animal health needs.

    The state’s premier veterinary hospital, part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offers all kinds of veterinary care for all kinds of animals.

    Specialty Care
    If you are referred to our hospital by your regular veterinarian, you can feel confident in the quality of care your animal will receive. With more than 80 veterinarians on staff, including dozens of board-certified specialists on our faculty, we have expertise in fields from anesthesia to zoo medicine and species from alpacas to zebra finches.  

    No other veterinary facility in Illinois has the resources and technology available here. We have everything it takes to quickly identify and treat your animal’s health problem. Our fully digital diagnostic imaging capabilities encompass X-ray, nuclear imaging, computed tomography (CT), and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit able to accommodate horses’ legs and heads. Non-invasive surgical techniques are used for large and small animal patients. A full-service pharmacy and diagnostic laboratory are located on site.

    Primary Care
    If you need primary health care—preventive and wellness veterinary visits—for your dog or cat, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides that as well. Our primary care service allows you and your pet to form an ongoing partnership with one doctor to handle year-round veterinary needs.

    Primary care is also available at our hospital for exotic animals, from birds to lizards to small mammals. Equine and other large animal patients may be seen either at the hospital or on your farm by our ambulatory service.

    We Care for You
    Whether you come for emergency, specialty, or primary care, you can expect to be treated as an important part of the care team for your animal. You’ll be fully informed about the condition, treatment options and recommendations, prognosis, and charges for your animal’s care so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

    We even have a full-time client counselor specialist who can assist you with the emotional aspects of managing your animal’s condition.

    Your regular veterinarian, if you have one, will also receive communications regarding diagnostic findings, treatment decisions, and discharge instructions.

    It all adds up to comprehensive care for the life of your animal.

    A Mission of Teaching and Discovery
    While providing the best in comprehensive animal care, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital also pursues a mission of educating the veterinarians of tomorrow and expanding medical knowledge and treatments to improve animal lives.

    Please allow extra time for appointments with a specialty service. A student will typically complete an initial examination before the supervising veterinarian sees your animal.

    Experts at our hospital are researching new and better ways to treat illnesses. You may have an opportunity to enroll your animal in a clinical trial that provides access to new treatments not otherwise available. In some cases clinical trials help defray part or all of the cost of treatment. You will receive complete information about the risks and benefits to your animal, and no patient data will be used without your permission.


    Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    1008 West Hazelwood Drive
    Urbana, IL 61802
    Call day or night
    Large Animal Clinic: 217/333-2000
    Small Animal Clinic: 217/333-5300


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