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Skalibor - collar

Many pet owners worry about how to protect your dog from mosquitoes and how to get rid of parasites. Skalibor - it insektoakarytsydni collar for dogs that prevents defeat ticks, biting sandflies (Phlebotomus perniciosus) and conventional mosquito (Culex pipiens), at the same time protects the animal from diseases carried by these insects: babesiosis, borreliosis, dirofilariosis erlihioz, encephalitis and leishmaniasis .

The active substance

Active substance means of ticks for dogs Skalibor is deltametryn. It belongs to the group of pyrethroids with immediate deterrent (repellentnoe) effect against ticks, fleas, and rapid kill (insecticidal / acaricidal) effect on all parasites. European Society of Veterinary deltametryn approve the application as a cure for fleas for dogs, as reported in the "Preventing the spread of diseases carried by blood-sicking parasites." The active substance is uniformly distributed in the lipid layer of the skin dog and by the beginning of the second week of action Skalibor reaches full efficiency. If you do not know how to protect dogs from mosquitoes, try using insektoakarytsydni means Skalibor. With its use of protection dogs from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes lasts up to 6 months.

Protective effects of

Repellentno effect. During repellentno deterrent effect refers effect of certain chemicals on mosquitoes, ticks and fleas attacking dog. Even a brief interaction with insects deltametrinom irritation of nerve endings their limbs - so-called "hot legs effect" that causes parasites immediately leave the dog's body.

Knockdown effect. Even minimal contact fleas and other parasites from deltametrinom leads to disruption of motor coordination with the development of paralysis, after which the parasite itself disappears or dies.

The effect of blocking food "anti-bite." Paralyzed parasite is not able to suck animal or linger on it. Thus, excluding the possibility of contamination of dog diseases carried by ticks and other insects (borreliosis, erlihioz, encephalitis, piroplasmosis, and others).

Application insektoakarytsydni collar

Only properly fixed collar for dogs from ticks ensure continued and effective allocation of existing protective substances. Purpose - to provide the maximum possible contact area with the surface of the dog during the time of use. This effect is achieved if the dog between the neck and the collar placed two fingers. The free end is shortened to 5 cm, so you can easily find the required length by neck circumference growing dogs.

During the first 5 days of application of the mosquito dog should refrain from bathing the animal to allow current medication evenly distributed across the surface of the skin.


A wide range of actions. Skalibor (Scalibor ® Protector Band) active against fleas, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes. Even at low initial concentrations deltametryn medicine most effectively acts against insects in all stages of their development, providing protection against larvae, nymphs and adults.

Security application.

If you are interested, the safest way - can help you research data, according to which daily oral receipts deltametryn the body (due stroking dog licking her hands and fingers) is significantly below the permissible daily dose. Insektoakarytsydni means - collar Skalibor (Scalibor ® Protector Band) does not systemic effects on the body, so has a unique security. It can be used to handle a puppy of 7 weeks, governmental, lactating dogs sick animals. Room use. Modern technologies used in creating insektoakarytsydni collar Skalibor (Scalibor ® Protector Band) have made possible a number of unique properties. It is odorless, waterproof, resistant to climatic extremes and sunlight.

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