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Shahid Chamran University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ahvaz

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ahvaz was founded in 1973. Departments of are: basic sciences, pathobiology, hygiene and clinical sciences.
The primary purpose of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ahvaz was founded in 1973. Departments of faculty of veterinary medicine are: basic sciences, pathobiology, hygiene and clinical sciences. The primary purpose of the faculty of veterinary medicine has been to educate students for DVM. Apart from the undergraduate program, there are a number of postgraduate (residency) courses available to individuals who hold a DVM degree.
They are anatomic sciences, parasitology, microbiology, large animal internal medicine and comparative histology. Forty six academic members work in this faculty. The teaching hospital of faculty of veterinary medicine is the greatest veterinary center in the southwest of Iran. 
After Shapur the First, the Sassanid King, conquered the Roman Emperor, commanded the Roman POWs to build a new town in a location that was 18 Kilometers South-East the present Dezful city. That town was named Veh-Andiv i Shapur, meaning “city of Shapur, better than Antakiyy-e[1]”. From the beginning, Veh-andiv was then called Gondi Shapur (meaning the city of Shapur), was a focal point for scientists and acedemics. Many of the Roman texts were transferred to Gondi Shapur and translated into Pahlavi language, and were kept in collections. In the 5th century A.D., a university and a hospital were established in Gondi Shapur that were functional up to 3rd century A.H. In these institutions scientists and medical practitioners cultivated and used experiences of different nations like Iranian, Indian, Greek, and Alexandrian medicine. In Anoushirvan’s reign, research activities were fostered in Gondi Shapur and the city gained a fame in those days world. Medicine, Philosophy, Mathematics, Theology, Music, Political sciences and Agriculture were among branches of learning dealt with in Gondishapur University. It is said that many scientists from Iranian and Indian nationalities were employed there. Some medical texts were translated into Pahlavi and were taught in university. These books were then translated into Arabic in later times. Crusaders then took these books to Europe, where they were translated again into Latin, and then, in 15th to 20th century, into French and English to be taught partly in European universities. In Gondi Shapur Hospital Iranian, Indian and Greek medical treatments were applied, and it is said that the first medical symposium was held there in 550 A.D.
By the fall of Sassanid dynasty, Gondi Shapur University and Hospital l ost their financial support. Later on, by establishment of a new hospital in Baghdad, the academics and practitioners emmigrated to Baghdad from Gondi Shapur. Therefore, the ancient Gondi Shapur University was defunct after four centuries of superb performance.
After 15 centuries, in 1955 (1334 A. H.), the first nucleus of rebirth of Gondi Shapur University in the modern era was set by establishment of a college of Agriculture in Ahvaz. This college grew up to be one of the most important institutions of its kind in the country. Other colleges and schools were established thereafter, and the university, now named Jundi Shapur University, expanded rapidly. In 1969 the School of Agriculture was recognised as the best school of its kind in Middle East countries.
By the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran, in 1978, a new era was started in the country. Embarking of the war between Iraq and Iran immediately after revolution, and the succeeding turbulent conditions affected the general stability of the university. In 1982 the university was renamed after martyrdom of Dr Chamran, the date commander in chief of a group of a guerrilla battalion, that was based in Jundi Shapur University campus. The university was closed in those days due to war conditions in the area.

Shahid Chamran University
Golestan Blvd
Ahvaz IR Iran
tell +98-611-3367008
fax +98-0611-3332618

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