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Harper Adams University College - Rural Affairs and Environment Department

Harper Adams University College

Animals Department

The Animals Department is currently composed of 21 teaching and 9 technical staff and is involved in the following areas: Animal Science, Animal Husbandry, Animal Health & Veterinary Nursing and Food Science & Ethics. The department contributes to all the programme areas delivered by the College, principally to the Agricultural related courses and in particular the Animal related courses. The courses offered by the College are detailed in the courses section of the web site.

Future developments include courses in Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Animal Science, Food & Consumer Studies, Food Quality and Business Management. The department has a range of facilities to support these functions. Within the ‘ Animal Science Research Centre (ASRC)’ there is a well developed range of ruminant facilities which house sheep, beef and dairy cattle, a pig & poultry unit, which support teaching, research and reach-out in addition there is an expanding companion animal facilities which include a Veterinary Nursing unit.

Members of the Animals department are also active in the College research and Continuing Vocational Education initiatives. Details of the individual interests and current work are given in their staff profiles.

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Rural Affairs and Environment Department

The Rural Affairs and Environment Department is concerned with the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the countryside. The department's members examine, for research and teaching purposes, aspects of land use, care of the countryside, farm and rural business management and environmental technologies with particular emphasis on contemporary topical developments. All industrial sectors operating from rural-based locations are considered, from agricultural and farm-based businesses to leisure, tourism and event management. The department contributes to the continued commercial success of rural-based businesses and policy formation on rural affairs through both the micro-study of business units and the analysis of the wider economic environment.

The Rural Affairs and Environment Department is responsible for a range of land-based vocational courses. Many members of the department are qualified professionals involved with educating rural practice surveyors, though their expertise also covers other areas of surveying practice. The department's staff work in close partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to increase the number of qualified professional surveyors and achieve excellence at all levels of education. This starts at Foundation and Bachelor degree level through the Assessment of Professional Competence and beyond into full-time or work-based part-time Masters Degree and Continuing Professional Development. The Rural Affairs and Environment Department also contains environmental scientists and practitioners who prepare students for the scientific, practical and social aspects of countryside management and natural landscape conservation. In recognition that rural areas are increasingly used for leisure pursuits, and have become tourist destinations in their own right, the department also provides undergraduate programmes and industry training in outdoor adventure recreation, event, leisure & tourism management. The full-time members of the department have qualifications which frequently combine Higher Level post-graduate qualifications and/or Industrial accreditation with extensive practical experience. The full-time staff are augmented by well-chosen part-time members who are actively involved in industry, consultancy and/or research.

The Rural Affairs and Environment Department undertakes academic and applied research and development in a number of areas:

  • Professional Rural Land Management
  • Rural Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Agricultural Policy and Agribusiness
  • Rural Business Management and Risk Analysis
  • Events, Leisure and Tourism in the Countryside

The department has a selection of publications; some are available to purchase, whilst free downloads are available of many others.

The Rural Affairs and Environment Department also contributes short courses aimed at rural business people:

  • Rural Business Owners/Managers
  • Farmers
  • Equine Businesses
  • Festival, Show and Event Managers
  • Rural Practice Chartered Surveyors and APC candidates
  • Land and Woodland Owners
  • Local Authorities and Government Agencies
  • Charitable Organisations

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