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Kharkov Zooveterinary Institute

Ukraine is a sovereign state in eastern Europe, a member of European Council. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. The population is about 50 mln people. The territory is 600 Religion - Christianity, Islam, Iudaism. Ukraine is a state with highly- developed science, culture, industry and agriculture.
Agriculture : wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, corn, cattle, poultry farming, sheep-breeding, fish-breeding, fur-bearing animal-breeding etc. Science, education : National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 1400 scientific and research institutes, 330 higher educational institutions, 7000 professors, 7800 PhD.
Kharkov is the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centre of the country. The area is 300 sq. km , the population is about 3,6 mln people. Kharkov is the city of universities, 150 000 students study at 30 higher educational Institutions. Kharkov plants produce tractors, planes, tanks, turbines, precise eguipment, medical preparations etc. Kharkov priority. The first jet plane in the world was done here, the first splitting of the atom was made here, supergiant 1000 Mvt., turbines tanks T80, T80y were constructed, the largest radiotelescope in the world was constructed and placed here.
Kharkov Zooveterinary Institute is the leading oldest higher educational institution of Ukraine. It will be 150 in 2001. According to the decision of the state accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine the Institute got the highest, the fourth accreditation level, Golovko Valery Alekseyevich, Doctor of veterinary science, professor, Corresponding member of UA Ag. Sc. of Ukraine is Rector of our Institute.
Highly-qualified specialists for perspective branches of activity in the sphere of organization and production of animal products, veterinary sanitation inspection of animal products, veterinary medicine on the basis of private and state forms of property are trained here, Now 16 doctors, professors, 85 candidates of veterinary and agricultural science,4 academicians work at the departments of our Institute. Clinical and theoretical training of students takes place at 25 departments of the institute and at the best veterinary clinics. Modern veterinary diagnostic and therapy equipment with the use of audio and video technics is used.
Kharkov Zooveterinary Institute to foreign countries. The Institute has trained specialists for countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East since 1948. About 1000 specialists for 78 foreign countries including 550 veterinary, biological and agricultural science (PhD) have been trained for this period. Citizens of Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraque, Congo, Mali and Nigeria studied at our Institute. Departments of histology, parasitology, pathoanatomy, pathophysiology, poultry farming, breeding and genetics of farm animals, epizootology train scientists for foreign countries. The diploma of Kharkov Zooveterinary Institute is prestigeous and acknowledged in many countries of the world. Graduates of the institute hold the leading positions in the veterinary departments of their countries, successfully compete with graduates of Canada, England, Germany, France. The quality of specialist training is achieved by : - optimal organization of training - high standard of contents of the course and methods of testing - using the achievement of world veterinary science - taking into consideration the veterinary service system in foreign countries. The curriculum of the courses is adapted to the specialist requirements of foreign countries. The tests on specialities are adapted to the demands of the foreign countries Information on training conditions To enter the institute foreign citizens must finish preparatory department. Preparatory department of the institute trains students in chemistry biology, physics to prepare the students to enter higher schools of biological specialization. The language of teaching is Russian or Ukrainian. Classes are given by highly-gualified teachers having academic degrees. During your study at the institute you set up an acguaintance with academic staff, history of the institute, visit theatres, circus, sport-halls.
Accommodation. Sport. Recreation. There are 4 hostels in the institute where there are all necessary conditions for your comfortable staying ; There are special rooms where students can prepare for classes, seminars and examinations and have a good rest. There are sport facilities. Some traditional holidays are held at the Institute every year. They are "Confer students" Veterinary faculty Day and Zoo- engineering Faculty Day. Student go to discos, celebrate national holidays, get-together parties. Supervisors can help foreign students to adapt to the life in the Institute and in Ukraine.
Choosing a career is a choice of your destiny. Today you are to make the most important decision in your life and answer the guestion What do you want to be ?
I would like to offer you to start your independent life with getting the profession of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. If you have bright mind, kind and generous heart, if you are hard-working, the oldest higher school in Ukraine, where many outstanding scientists work, invites you to get a profound Knowledge. Besides, you will be specialized in laboratory diagnosis, small animal diseases as well as you will have an opportunity to continue your education and take a post graduate course to be a scientist.
The Institute has all necessary facilities for successful training, professional growth, good rest and for the realization of your creative potential. I invite you to set up an acquaintance and start our cooperation. I wish you good luck and let your dreams come true. Welcome to our Institute.

Yuriy Prokhvatilov, Dean for international students training
P.O. Mala Danylivka, Derhachivskyi Rayon, Kharkiv Oblast, 62341 Ukraine
Tel: +380 5763 5 7448
Fax: +380 5763 3 2176

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