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The Ondokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ondokuz Mayıs University is a modern regional state university with faculties and schools spread across Samsun and 8 countries established in 1975. Ondokuz Mayıs University is located in Samsun, the largest city on the Black Sea coast in the North of Turkey, with a population of approximately 1.2 million. Samsun is a major commercial port, an industrial and agricultural city. The University is situated in a land of 8,500 acres with a view of the Black Sea on the one side and a view of the Kocadağ Mountain on the other side. It is comprised of 10 faculties, 2 schools, 9 vocational schools, 4 graduate schools and 12 study and research centers and one conservatoire. Ondokuz Mayis University has 151 different departments and programs with about 21000 undergraduate and 2000 graduate students in the above mentioned schools.
The university provides educational services in 10 faculties, which consists of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Faculty of Law. The graduate schools are Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Fine Arts.
Ondokuz Mayıs University is a modern state local university founded in 1975. Its main campus (Kurupelit) is located in Samsun, a city with an international harbour in the North of Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea. It has faculties and schools spread across Samsun and 6 counties.  Kurupelit Campus is situated on a land of 10,000 acres with a view of the Black Sea on the one side and a view of the nationally famous Kocadag Mountain on the other side, which is well known for its national yearly walks. The University’s first and largest faculty, the Faculty of Medicine, is also a university hospital. Similarly, the Faculty of Dentistry is a Dental Hospital. Serving the inhabitants of the entire Black Sea region, both faculties provide treatment in all areas of health and dental care.   Ondokuz Mayis gives great importance to science, education and research and takes place amongst the significant and large universities of Turkey. The University also aims to satisfy all the needs of a student in terms of professional training and other social needs; such as accommodation, health service, nutrition, cultural, social and sport activities etc.  Historically known as “Amissos”, Samsun is the largest city on the Black Sea coast with a population of approximately 1,209,000. It is a major commercial port, an industrial and agricultural city. Samsun is situated between two river deltas jutting out into the Back Sea, in the counties of Bafra and Carsamba. In the west of the city lies the “Kizilirmak” (Halys), one of the longest rivers of Anatolia and in the east lies the “Yesilirmak” (Iris), a river that passes some remarkable towns on its way to the sea. In the past, people were always attracted by the combination of fertile ground and shallow waters for a harbour, due to this Samsun has a long history and its myths go back even longer. The delta of Kizilirmak is considered as one of the most important wildlife habitat in the world.  Samsun has been the cradle of many civilisations and received immigrants from a vast variety of places. All of this has led to a creation of a vivid cultural mosaic.  Due to its strategical, economical and social position, Samsun is considered to be the most important city in the Black Sea region. The wide range of transport facilities from Samsun to the many areas of the country including Inner Anatolia, gives Samsun the title of being the Black Sea region’s and Turkey’s “door” to the Russian Federation, Caucasia and Middle Asia. Samsun is the key area for Eurasia, which is in the process of forming a new energy geography, in transporting energy resources to the world market.
The Rector is the formal head of the university. He is appointed for a period of four years by the President of Turkey from among candidates elected by the University academic staff proposed by the Higher Education Board. He is the Chairperson of the University Administrative Board and Senate. He implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of the higher education, reviews and decides on the proposals of the university board and ensures coordination among organizations attached to the university.  Three Vice Rectors are appointed by the University Rector among Professors employed in the University to assist him during his term of office.
The University Rector may also appoint advisors to the Rector.  The Deans of the Faculties are appointed for a period of three years by the Higher Education Board from among three full-time Professors nominated by the Rector. The Dean represents the Faculty and conducts its business. Directors of Graduate Schools and Directors of Schools, who are appointed by the Rector and the Department Chairpersons, who are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty, are all appointed for a period of three years. Teaching staff and Research Assistants, as well as foreign teaching staff members, are appointed on a contract basis. All other teaching staff members are appointed according to the relevant regulations. The staff consists of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Teaching / Research Assistants. The University Senate comprises the Rector as Chairperson, the Vice Rectors, the Deans, a representative from each Faculty and the Directors of the Graduate Schools and Schools directly attached to the Rectorate. It is the chief academic body of the University. It is responsible for research, pedagogical and study matters which affect Ondokuz Mayıs University or any central institute. The University Administrative Board consists of the Rector as the Chairperson, the Deans and three Professors selected by the University Senate for a period of four years.
To reach the ultimate in scientific and technological innovations, quality in training and education and stakeholder satisfaction.
Aiming to contribute to the economic and cultural development of the region and raising questioning and analytically oriented students; our mission is to provide scientific, educational and health services to its stakeholders, using the developing technologies while remaining dedicated to the universal ethical values with an innovative, quality seeking, leader mentality.

Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi
Veteriner Fakültesi
Kurupelit Kampüsü 55139 Kurupelit/Samsun
Secretary : 0 362 19 19 / 2804
Santral : 0 362 312 19 19
Fax : 0 362 457 69 22

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