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The Stavropol state agrarian university The veterinary medicine faculty

It is one the oldest faculties of the Stavropol State agrarian University. It takes the leading part on scientific - technical potential and professional competence the teaching staff, the technical and methodical maintenance of educational process. At present the dean of this faculty is the doctor of veterinary science, Belyaev V.A.
The training is carried on speciality 310800-Veterinary on the following specialities: 
-biotechnology of veterinary preparation;
-diseases of small domestic and exotic animals;
-veterinary-sanitary examination the products of animal-husbandry
The graduating students are claimed in agro-industrial enterprises, in industrial complexes on production and processing the livestock-breeding products, medical-prophylactic institutions (laboratories, the stations on the control with animal diseases, veterinary surgery and others).
Many graduating students of this faculty work not only in our country but abroad (the countries of Latin America, Marocco, Laos, Zaire).
The training of students is based on the veterinary clinic complex.
The material and technical base is increased yearly. It gives the opportunities to do the lessons on high scientific-methodical level.
Our complex includes the nine-stored student’s hostel above 600 places, library, canteen, sport complex. 
There are 6 chairs at this faculty:
-the chair of obstetrics
-the chair of anatomy and patanatomy
-the chair of epizootology and microbiology
-the chair of therapy and pharmacology
-the chair of phisiology and surgery
-the chair of parasitology and veterinary-sanitary examination
There are 53 instructors, 95% of them have scientific degrees and ranks, 14 doctors of science, professors, 4 academics.
The process of training is closely connected with practice. On the base of all chairs is carried the surgery reception hours of animals, both rare and exotic. There are hospitals where every student can have veterinary practice.
There is a computer class, X-ray room, laboratory equipped with electronic microscope, the system of visual observation on the base of microscope “Micromed” and digital photo camera with high opportunity. The lections are given in lecture-hall equipped with modern multi-media computer equipment.
The students take an active part in amateur art activities. The students of the faculty of veterinary medicine go in for sports.
All students engaging the science have an opportunity to get more fundamental knowledge in students scientific societies.
The veterinary medicine faculty offers: 
-prevention and treatment the hypomiroelementoz of farm animals;
-application the preparations of serum as fodder addition; 
-optimum diagrams of immunization animals on industrial farms and complexes;
-production and utilization the stimulant growth of microorganisms and production biopreparations; 
-utilization the piroplasmicids, insectoakaricids and other preparations using in treatment and preventive measures;
-artificial insemination of animals and birds;
-effective methods of treatment animals with post-natal pathology and disturbance the reproductive function;
-biology active preparations: lymph activated (LA), preparation, bio-stimulant blood activated (BSBA), preparation of extractum sapropely activated (ESA), bio-stimulant brain (BSB), using for treatment the different pathologies, increasing the resistance, productivity and intact animals; projecting the dipping bath, spray systems and units for treatment animals against parasitic ticks and insects:
ecological examination of farms, including the estimate of physiological animal condition; treatment the animals with diseases non-contagjous actiology; carring out the X-ray examinations; examination of milk and dairy products, eggs, honey, fish and vegetable products; medical advices on different quiestions veterinary-sanitary examination and technology processing the animal husbadry products; for educational institutions: manufacture stuffed animals, collections macro-and micropre-photographies hystopreparations. The beginning of the Stavropol State Agrarian University formation is associated with the year 1930, when on the sheep breeding faculty basis of the Moscow animal breeding institute. The Moscow sheep breeding institute was established. After two years’ functioning in Moscow, in 1932 it was moved to with its full complement (teaching staff and students) to the North Caucasus for the purposes of territorial drawing near to the main production basis – fine fleeced sheep breeding. Victor V.V. was the director of the institute in 1930-1934.
In 1933 by the resolution of the CPC USSR the Krasnodar Sheep Breeding Institute and the Taganrog Institute Department of meat and dairy cattle-breeding were joined to the Stavropol Institute and it obtained the appellation – The North Caucasus Institute of animal breeding. Virs Y.Y. was the director in 1934-1937 and Mikhail A.L. was the director in 1937-1938.
At the beginning of 1939-40 by the resolution of the USSR collective farm people’s commissariat the faculty of veterinary medicine was opened up and in 1941 the faculty of agronomy was opened up.
From the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War lecturers, employees and students of the institute volunteered to the battle-front. A military hospital was arranged in the main building of the institute and the rest of the staff with its full complement were recruited for fortification work in Stavropol.
Educational activity was renewed in January 1943. Our Higher Educational Establishment was named the Stavropol State Agrarian Institute in 1944.
The first refresher courses started to work in 1947 and gave the opportunity to further skills development in all branches of agriculture first of all for farm expert and farm managers.
1948 – Extra –Mural Education Courses were opened to meet the ongoing learning needs of applicants in animal breeding and agrarian branches of agriculture.
1950 – Farm-Mechanization Department was founded.
On the Basis of new innovative and unique career programs in agricultural sciences our institute has got the right to confer a doctor’s degree on agricultural and biological science.
1951 – The first apprenticeship teams started to appear in the Stavropol Region and in the country to give students the skills and knowledge they need in getting a job. Our Institute took an active part in this activity, giving a helpful hand in preparing and conducting field experiments.
The rector of the Institute was Salmin I.P. (1955 –1961). In 60s the rector of our Institute was Zhukov (1961 – 1968). Since that time our Institute has expanded dramatically. The Stavropol State Agrarian Institute increased its educational profiles. Programs and courses have been expanded. Special Programmed Learning was introduced with new technical improvements and computer systems. A number of new well-educated laboratories were built at the Department of Farm-Mechanization, and Veterinary Medicine. Sport Complex and a new hostel were constructed too.
During this period of time new faculties were introduced. In 1961 the faculty of economics and agricultural management was founded, in 1964 – the plant protection faculty, in 1966 – the faculty of qualification improvement for collective farms managers and agrarian specialists. In 1963 the special scientific board for PhD degree was founded. The results of collective work let the institute to represent the high school in VDNH USSR in exhibition hall “Education of USSR”.
The foundation of training department was in 1970. In 1974 was founded the Farm Electrification faculty.
The merits of institute stuff were appreciated by USSR government. In 1976 the order Red Labour Baner was given, and in 1980 diploma of Supreme soviet of RF.
In 80-s professor V.I. Nikitin was the head of the institute. He continued trade science and educational customs of the institute with stuff’s assistance.
Science, teaching and methodological growth of institute was demonstrated after its status change. In 1994 the State high education committee decided to reorganize it into Stavropol State Agrarian Academy.

Телефон: +7(8652)28-67-38
г. Ставрополь, ул. Серова 523, каб.16

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