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Agricultural University of Tirana Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Agricultural University of Tirana Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The goals of studies in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
º Recognition of basic science, so their use in practice;
º Recognition of species of animal illnesses, including those zoonotike and diagnostic ability using the modern techniques;
º Recognition of the epidemic, diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment and control of infectious and parasitic diseases in animals;
º Ability to recognize and assess the cleanliness, hygiene, quality and possible alteracionet food of animal origin;
º Recognition of sanitary legislation norms of products of animal origin;
º Recognition of nutrition and animal mbarështrimit technologies and their genetic improvement;
º Ability to determine and assess critically the impact of environmental mbarështrimit animal;
º Recognition of human connections - animals and animal - environment, bioteknologjive genetic and reproduction, molecular biology and their uses;
º Knowledge on the characteristics of management, marketing and management of farm animals;
º Recognition of national regulations and European Community concerning veterinary competencies;
º Recognition of English;
º Recognition of the fundamental concepts of information and reports on labor market entry and professional direction.

The course of studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offers programs in three main study training:
· Health animal production,
· Health Association of the animals,
· Public Health,

led by contemporary concept that requires the veterinarian profession:
"To prevent and combat animal diseases; Breeding contribute to better and increase animal production, to protect people from infections that come from animals and foods of animal origin.

Knowledge of English
Required knowledge of English. It has 4 credits.

Professional Practice
Professional practice, mandatory, at the conclusion of the theoretical course, in the 10th semester.

Control of products of animal origin, species, diseases, reproduction and its pathologies, diseases of pigs and poultry. This didactic activities conducted at facilities of the Faculty and University and public and private structures selected by the Faculty.

Doctor veterinary profession
Veterinarian profession in recent decades has undergone significant changes, in terms of activity of public sector specialists and profesionitëve free.

Today, veterinary doctors develop their activities in the following sectors:
Public veterinary service
Veterinary Directorate in MBUMK
Veterinary services in the district is an integral part of the Directorate

Agriculture and Food Regional covering regional veterinary activity. The composition of the veterinary sector are:
• Animal health inspectors, identification, epidemiology and reproduction;
• veterinary public health inspector;
• Inspector of veterinary border inspection points;
• The veterinary laboratory

Local veterinary office covers veterinary activities in municipalities and communes and technical depending on the district veterinary sector.

Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary (ISUV) is the only center national reference laboratory and part of the national service network.

Private veterinary service consists of:
• Veterinarians private contract with the state;
• Veterinarians in free profession, veterinary clinics, veterinary pharmacies, veterinary laboratories, artificial insemination stations and veterinary hospitals.

The FMV are 3664 veterinary graduates. They work individually or in cooperation, covering the whole territory of the country with a network of veterinary clinics or ambulatory service. Their degree of specialization has increased significantly in recent years, supported by a large choice of pharmaceutical products and food for animals. A good part of their association dealing with animals (dogs, cats and other). The rest takes care to animal production (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, birds, fish) as well as horses.

Private industry

Veterinarians working in complex economies industrial production livestock food, pharmaceutical and food with managerial and technical tasks qualified.

Basically his job, veterinarian doctor has a series of powers veprimatarinë involved not only in the clinic, about animals Association or production, but also earned competencies in different directions during the studies and field experience that give his image a clear professional profile.

Professional veterinary medical organization

Doctors are organized veterinary in "Chamber of Veterinarians Doctors", which is a public body that represents the common interests of Albania's veterinary doctors.

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