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Chonbuk National University College of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Veterinary Medicine
Our school is
Our school has had a rich heritage and a distinguished record in education, research, and professional service since 1951. Fifty students are admitted each year into the two-year pre-veterinary medicine program at the College of Natural Sciences. Successful students advance to the College of Veterinary Medicine. The College has a four-year program, which requires students to take courses by lecture, laboratory instruction, and clinical experience in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.
What do I study
The mandate of the department is: (1) to educate future veterinarians (2) to discover, apply, and disseminate comparative biomedical knowledge and technology, and (3) to provide services to the veterinary medical profession and the public. The academic program of Veterinary Medicine provides students with a rich environment for learning and the opportunity to obtain requisite knowledge and skills to become professionals.
Pre-veterinary course
The curriculum in pre-veterinary medicine is a two-year course. Students are generally guided by the requirements of their major degree. Catalogs usually provide good direction, particularly in regard to the required courses of the major. Students should also consult their advisors about supporting courses and electives to strengthen their majors. Those considering a career in veterinary medicine must have a good foundation in the biological sciences and chemistry, including biochemistry and general genetics.
Veterinary course
The curriculum in veterinary medicine is a four-year course of study that leads to the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree. The program require students to study anatomy, histology, biochemistry, embryology, physiology, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacology, pathology, public health, internal medicine, surgery, toxicology, obstetrics, infectious disease, radiology, clinical pathology, avian disease, fish disease, etc.
What can I do afterwards
There are various directions for veterinarians. After obtaining a license for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), a veterinarian can give medical treatment to small animals (dogs, cats and other pets) and/or large animals (cow, horses, pigs and so on) in an animal hospital. They may also be employed in local or government service, national veterinary research institutions and livestock experiment stations. In addition, there are opportunities to work in institutes concerning food, biotechnology and stock breeding.
Iri Agricultural College, founded by Jeonbuk Provincial Government in 1947, was incorporated into Chonbuk National University in 1952. As of 1999, this college consists of four divisions and three departments staffed with 70 faculty members, and more than 1,800 students are enrolled.
The Agricultural College trains students to play a pioneering role in agriculture, forestry, stock farming and other related fields in response to the growing need for upgraded plantation production, food processing, land use, conservation of forest and the environment, the management of livestock, and so forth. The College offers the liberal education for one-year curriculum and other required and elective courses.
The purpose of the academic program puts an emphasis on the fulfillment of laboratory work as well as learning of fundamental theories. An experimental farm and forest, in coordination with modern laboratories and other affiliated facilities, provide abundant opportunities for practice and research. The Center for Agricultural Science and Technology Development was established to provide extension services for farmers as well as education, training, and technical guides.
The College has produced the distinguished alumni over 9,000, who are in industrial companies, government agencies, research institutes and universities.

Jeonju 561-756 Korea
Phone : +82 63-270-2098
Fax : +82 63-270-2099
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