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Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine

Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine


Organization of the Department 


Department Laboratory Faculty Title
Biomedical Sciences Anatomy Kon, Yasuhiro Professor
Itii, Osamu Instructor
Physiology Habara, Yoshiaki Professor
Sakamoto, Kentarou Lecturer
Biochemistry Kimura, Kazuhiro Professor
Terao, Akira Associate
Okamatsu, Yuko Instructor
Pharmacology Ito, Shigeo The Dean of a School,
Otsuguro, Kenichi Associate
Disease Control Microbiology Kida, Hiroshi Professor
Sakoda, Yoshihiro Associate
Okamatsu, Masatoshi Instructor
Infectious Diseases Ohashi, Kazuhiko Professor
Konnai, Satoru Associate
Murata, Shiro Instructor
Parasitology Katakura, Ken Professor
Oku, Yuzaburo Associate
Sakurai, Tatsuya Instructor
Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine Agui, Takasi Professor
Sasaki, Nobuya Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Internal Medicine Takiguchi, Mitsuyoshi Professor
Yamasaki, Masahiro Associate
Ohta, Hiroshi Instructor
Veterinary Surgery Okumura, Masahiro Professor
Takagi, Satoshi Associate
Hosoya, Kenji Instructor
Comparative Pathology Umemura, Takashi Professor
Ochiai, Kenji Associate
Sunden, Yuji Instructor
Theriogenology Takahashi, Yoshiyuki Professor
Nagano, Masashi Associate
Pathobiology Inaba, Mutsumi Professor
Sato, Kota Associate
Environmental Veterinary Sciences Public Health Kariwa, Hiroaki Associate
Yoshii, Kentarou Instructor
Radiation Biology Inanami, Osamu Professor
Yamamori, Toru Associate
Yasui, Hironobu Instructor
Toxicology Ishizuka, Mayumi Professor
Ikenaka, Yoshinori Instructor
Wildlife Biology and Medicine Tsubota, Toshio Professor
Shimozuru, Michito Instructor
Applied Veterinary Sciences Veterinary Hygiene  Horiuchi, Motohiro Professor
Hasebe, Rie Instructor
Veterinary Teaching Hospital   Tajima, Motoshi Associate
Office for Faculty Development and Teaching Enriched Veterinary Medicine   Hashimoto,Yoshiharu Professor,
Academic Advisor for International Students

Admission Requirements
A person with any of the following credentials may apply for admission:
  • Graduation or expected graduation from a six-year course of veterinary medicine or a medical or dentistry school 
  • Graduation or expected graduation from 18 years total of education abroad (the final specialization must be veterinary medicine, medicine, or dentistry) 
  • Recognition of any other qualification by the Japanese Ministry of Education as equivalent or superior to the above
  • Recognition of equivalent qualifications as above mentioned by the Graduate School

Documents Required

A person wishing to be admitted to the program of Doctor's degree must submit the following documents.
  • For the detailed procedures, the applicant is requested to inquire at the Education Affairs Section through your supervisor in our Graduate School at least one year prior to enter. 
  • Application form for admission (the prescribed application form may be obtained from the Education Affairs Section) 
  • Curriculum vitae (the prescribed form may be obtained from the Education Affairs Section) Reference transcript of scholastic record issued by the university or college attended (the prescribed form may be obtained from the Education Affairs Section)
  • Transcript of degree or graduation certificate issued by the university or college attended Admission ticket for examination (Photo ID card for examination eligibility) 
  • Medical Certificate Letter of Recommendation (prepared by the president or the dean of the faculty at the university or college attended) 
  • Examination fee (currently 36,000 yen but subject to change) Certificate of alien registration obtained from the Japanese government local administrative office. (This applies only to applicants residing in Japan.) Others;
  • Especially a person, who has been recognized under category 4 of the admission requirements, has to submit other indispensable documents.


A foreigner wishing to be admitted into the Doctoral program must take an entrance examination which is identical with that taken by Japanese applicants.
He/she is screened through a written examination (includes two proper subjects and English and Japanese as the subjects of the foreign language tests), an oral test, documents he/she submitted and the medical checkup.


Submit to

Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine
Hokkaido University Kita 18, Nishi 9,
Kita-ku Sapporo 060-0818,
Japan Phone: +81-11-706-5175 Fax: + 81-11-706-5190


Postgraduate International Research Students

A person wishing to study a specific subject at the postgraduate level may be admitted in the capacity of a Postgraduate International Research Student (Kenkyusei). A student in this category is not entitled to any degree or qualification even upon completion of his/her study program.

General Requirements for Admission

The same qualifications are required of a prospective post-graduate non-degree students as are required of a degree candidate for the Master's program or Doctoral program. Admission requirements may differ slightly according to the Graduate School. An applicant who wants to know more details is advised to inquire at the Admission Office of the Graduate School.

Documents Required

A student applying for admission in the capacity of a Postgraduate International Research Student must submit the following documents to the Graduate School concerned. It is necessary to complete the admission procedures well in advance, that is, about six months before the time of admission, because processing for entry into Japan requires a considerable amount of time and it is usually about six months before an affirmative notice from the Immigration Bureau can be received.

  1. Application for Matriculation of Postgraduate International Research Student. (The prescribed form can be obtained from the office concerned in each Graduate School.)
  2. Transcript of degree or graduation certificate issued by the university or college attended.
  3. Transcript of scholastic record issued by the university or college attended.
  4. Recommendation from the President, Dean or Chairman of the department of the university or college attended.
  5. Medical Certificate.
  6. Certificate of proficiency in the Japanese language made by a teacher of
  7. Japanese language or equivalent.
  8. Certificate of alien registration obtained from the Japanese government local administrative office. (This applies only to applicants residing in Japan.)
  9. Other.

Selection will be made on the basis of the documents submitted. Applicants who pass this preliminary screening will be notified to come to Japan; however, a subsequent oral or written examination may also be required for admission to the University.

Time of Admission

Time of admission for a Postgraduate International Research Students is usually the beginning of each semester, April and October.

Period of Registration

Normally the period of registration for a Postgraduate International Research Student is half a year or one year. He/she may apply for a renewal of this period if such a renewal is necessary for the purpose of his/her study.

International Academic Exchange 

By conducting outstanding research, we aim to become an internationally recognized center for Veterinary Science. In order to contribute to the development of life sciences as well as veterinary medicine, we carry out fundamental and interdisciplinary research projects.

The school actively participates in international academic organizations and carries out collaborative projects with researchers from other countries. We have research and educational exchange agreements with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Seoul National University, the Coon-Buy National University of Korea, and the University of Zambia. In the last 5 years(1995-1999), there has been increasing interest from foreign scientists and we have hosted 235 visiting scientists from many countries.

Currently(May , 2000), we have 6 undergraduate students, 2 research students(kenkyu-sei)and 24 graduate students enrolled from many countries. Of these, 15 are recipient of Japanese government(Monbusho) scholarship, 13 with private scholarships and 4 with foreign government scholarship grants .

It is our hope that this page will prove useful to those interested in the research activities of our Graduate School. Please feel free to contact us if we could be of help or for further inquires.

International Academic Exchange


Address: Kita 18, Nishi 9, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0818, JAPAN 

Phone: +81-11-716-2111 
Fax: +81-11-706-5190 



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