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Southwest University, Sichuan College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

SWU Rongchang Campus, the previous name of it was the Jian Hua Senior Agricultural Vocational School which was founded in 1938. During the Anti-Japanese War, it was the site of Institute of the Central Experiment Laboratory, the Institute of Agricultural Experiment, and the Research Institute of Serum which were controlled by the KMT Government. After liberation, it became the famous Sichuan College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine. In 1978 it was formally named as the Sichuan School of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ratified by the State Council. In 2001, ratified by the Ministry of Education of China, Southwest Agricultural University, Sichuan Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine and Citrus Research Institute of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences merged into the new Southwest Agricultural University. Rongchang Campus was set up at the same time. In July, 2005, the new Southwest Agricultural University and Southwest Normal University merged into Southwest University, and the campus was renamed SWU, Rongchang Campus.
SWU Rongchang campus is located in the downtown of Rongchang County, which is located in the central section of the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway and Chengdu-Chongqing Railway.Rongchang County is the site of China Animal Husbandry Science and Technology City, and the Core Zone of Chongqing National Modern Animal Husbandry Industry Demonstration Zone.The campus is the Chongqing Municipal Garden Unit, covering the area of 462mu including 0.14million㎡ schoolhouse. The total value of the equipment is 52,210 million yuan. The library has a collection of more than 320,000 volumes, 487,200 digital resources and the VPN high-speed link to the main campus of Southwest University. There are more than 4,100 students, including 60 postgraduate students and 1500 students of adult education and corresponding education in our school. Rongchang Campus now has a faculty of nearly 500 including 107 professors, associate professors and other members with advanced-level professional title, 174 lecturers ant other members withwith middle-level academic title, 22 teachers with doctor and 123 teachers with master degrees. There is one member of Committee of Veterinary Drug Evaluation of Ministry of Agriculture, two Chingqing Municipal academic leader and back-up candidate, two young backbone teachers in colleges and universities in Chongqing, one candidate for Chongqing Municipal 332 Talent Project (Level I,Level II), 1 provincial and ministerial level young and middle-aged expert with prominent contribution, 8 persons of Scheme of Chongqing Municipal University Excellent Young and Middle-aged Teacher, 3 teachers with the honor of Chongqing Outstanding Teachers, 24 Master Degree supervisors.
Some scientific research centers are set on the campus, including Animal Drug Research and Development Detection Technology Center of China Animal Husbandry Science and Technology, Rapid Diagnosis and Prevention and Control of Animal Disease Center, Animal Health Breeding Technology Center, Famous Fish Culture Technology Center, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine and Fishery Management Software R & D Center, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine and Fishery Economy Research Center, Animal Husbandry, and Veterinary Medicine and Fishery Information and Judicial Expertise Center. There are all kinds of teaching and practice sites with well-equipped facilities on the campus, including Chuan Mu Feed Plant, Ke Xin Animal Pharmaceutical Plant, a practice pasture, a fishery ground, an animal hospital and a specimen factory and etc. In 2004, the campus established the “8+1” Combination of School and Enterprises with 8 large-scale enterprises of veterinary medicine, and they have realized resources share and all win. The campus has set up the long and friendly cooperation relationship with other large feed production companies, veterinary production enterprises, aquaculture grounds, which open up the teaching, experiment and practice bases outside the campus.
SWU Rongchang Campus has established the Department of Animal Science, the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the Department of Fishery, the Department of Business and Trade,the Department of Information Management, the Department of Basic Science and the Department, Adult Education Department and etc. The campus owns 7 regular college specialties:Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Aquaculture, Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Marketing, Public Relation Management. Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Veterinary Medicine are the provincial and ministerial key disciplines. Freshwater Fish Farming Science, Chinese Veterinary Pharmacology, Animal Products Processing Science, Animal Epidemiology, Animal Genetics courses are provincial and ministerial level key courses. Animal Products Processing Science is the refined municipal-level course. The campus has the authority to award Master Degree of Animal Husbandry Science, Veterinary Medicine Science, Aquiculture, Chemistry, and Management. Now the campus has primarily formed the educational pattern of art, science, engineering and management of multi-disciplines, multi-levels and multi-forms, which is mainly based on the animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and aquaculture covering the every links of animal husbandry and fishery including the pre-production, production and post-production.
In recent years the Campus has undertaken a number of major scientific research issues of state-level, province-level and municipality-level. More than 20 scientific research achievements won scientific and technological awards of state-level, province-level and municipality-level; three of them won the national invention patent. The testing methods of Gosling plague, swine erysipelas, swine pseudorabies and etc. were listed as a national animal disease testing procedures by the Ministry of Agriculture. Achievement of “Rooted in the Fertile Soil in Animal Husbandry Industry in the Western Part of China, Cultivate High-Quality Entrepreneurial Talents” directed by Prof. Wang Yongcai won the Second Prize of the Sixth Higher Education National Teaching Achievements Award. “Research and demonstration of key technologies of beef cattle breeding and pasture building” directed by Prof. Zuo Fuyuan which was a special item of The “Eleventh-Five-Year Major Science and Technology Projects” of the Ministry of Science and Technology has been through the identification and acceptance. Prof. Zuo Fuyuan is the chief scientist for the item ----“Grazing livestock breeding and health culture”. It is the “Eleventh-Five-Year Major Science and Technology Projects” of Chongqing Municipality. It won 10 million yuan subsidy. Chicken IBDV Antibody which was developed by Dr. Huang Wei has won the certificate of second-class new veterinary drugs of national biological products. Prof. Zheng Shuming and etc. discovered and named a new species of fish --- Heminoemacheilus wulongensis Wu,He et Li. Research group led by Associate Prof. Yin Huagui has successfully cultivated the first new breed of livestock and poultry of Chongqing----“Yuxi Black Chick”.
Throughout the past 70 years, the campus has been keeping serving the local economical construction as our aims. It has created a special education pattern of keeping a foothold of Sichuan and Chongqing, covering the Southwest part of China and taking a broad view of the whole country. In the past few decades Rongchang Campus has cultivated over 60.000 talents for the society. The graduates are found everywhere in our country and our graduates have made great contribution to the society and have owned a good reputation of hard working, practical capability and creativity. In very short time they have become the backbone of their units and the leadership in their fields. Some of them are world-famous scholars, professors, and full professors, and some of them have become young scientists, National May Day Medal Winners and famous entrepreneurs and some of them have become the leaders in different positions. In 2006, Deng Feijian, Deng Bo, two brothers who were studying in the Department of Animal Science and the Department of Veterinary Medicine in our campus, were chosen the Top Ten of 2006 China Education and the Top Ten of 2006 Touching Chongqing and they were also winner of the Chongqing May 4th Youth Medalists as a result of their studying for the sake of application and relying on themselves and striving to become stronger. They were formally granted an interview of the leaders of the Ministry of Education and Chongqing Municipality.
In recent years, we have had academic exchange and science and technology cooperation with about 20 universities and institutes in USA, Canada, France, Russia, Japan,Netherlands, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and so on. We also keep a foreign staff in our faculty force every year. Those not only strengthen the friendship with other countries and understanding each other, but also promote exchange and development of science and technology.
On the new development platform of SWU, Rongchang Campus will take “High-level Campus with Characteristics” as our goal, carry on the college spirit of Southwest University “Be Independence in the Southwest, and Learn from the World” and adhere to the School Motto “Comprehension is wide, and brightness great; carry forward the cause of the predecessors and forge ahead into the future”. We will continue to insist on the campus spirit “ Start undertakings with painstaking efforts; bear a heavy burden and strive to become stronger” to create a brighter future of our campus.

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