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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University


Welcome and thank you for visiting Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt through our Web site. Veterinary medicine is the broadest health care profession that encompasses animal, human, and environmental health issues. Our faculty has a variety of experts in different areas of veterinary medicine and has gained a good training in Europe, USA, and Japan.Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was constructed in 1961 and started effectively in 1962. The number of graduated veterinarians in 1967 was 21 male and one female, while in year 2005 was 114 male and 135 female graduates. The total number of graduates since 1962 is 3963 males and 1545 females. The duration of the study for the B.V.Sc. is 5 years. The official language of teaching is English. The faculty provides B.V.Sc, Diplomas, M.V.Sc., and Ph.D. in different areas Veterinary Medicine. The faculty graduates are distributed allover Egypt as well as the whole world occupying many unique professional positions in many institutes, agencies, authorities and universities. The Ph. D. holders have found their way into a great number of academic institutions, universities and research centers allover the world. The faculty consists of three buildings carefully designed with modern facilities for both students and faculty members; in addition there is special building for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. There are two recent computer centers in the faculty, one for students and the second for research work and general affairs. The faculty has special units namely, Analysis and Veterinary Services Center, Public Service Center, and Low Fee Treatment Unit.
Mission of the Faculty The mission of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University is to provide the labor market with competent veterinarians who are able to compete locally and internationally, through capacity building and skill and knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, the mission is to direct veterinary research to address community needs in various veterinary fields.
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Is charged with the responsibility of awarding the degree of BVSc to those it believes have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable and proficient in the disciplines related to the profession of veterinary medicine. Acceptable levels of knowledge and proficiency are determined by the faculty and demonstrated by the students via satisfactory completion of a variety of evaluative tools, including required exercises, examinations, and proficiency assessments.
Veterinary Students:  
Each student has the opportunity to excel in the Veterinary curriculum at Assiut University. Students are expected to work with a high level of focus, commitment and integrity to master the information presented to them and available to them through the medical and scientific literature. Students are expected to be active learners and must demonstrate entry-level clinical proficiency in order to progress through the curriculum.
Faculty Members:
Faculty members are responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, and refining a challenging, contemporary curriculum that encompasses a variety of basic and clinical science courses, all designed to prepare students for a veterinary career. Faculty strive to bring a high level of enthusiasm, competence and commitment to their teaching duties, while at the same time aspiring to serve as mentors, coaches, and role models for students enrolled in the DVM curriculum. Faculty members are responsible for the curricular content they offer.
Graduation with a veterinary degree acknowledges high achievement in a lengthy and demanding clinical science course occupying at least five years at university. Therefore, this subject benchmark statement refers to a minimum threshold for the award of the qualification. This embraces the practical skills required for the new graduate and the education necessary to promote reflective experiential learning throughout a future professional career, whatever course that may take.
The Academic Standards, as set forth in this document, are to be used by the faculty and students as guidelines for academic activities in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Copies of the documents referred to above are available for review in the office of the Dean.
Our ultimate goal is to serve the needs of society through veterinary medicine and to continually add quality to our teaching, research and service opportunities. Our dual degree program provides a unique opportunity to add value to the professional degree through specialty training in beef, dairy, poultry, and aquaculture.
Summer training through convoys in Assiut, Sohag, Minia and Fayoium Governorates is conducted every year to provide a real services to the farmers in their villages with diagnostic, treatment and vaccination as well as training for the students. The faculty offers Diplomas, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in both academic, and clinic areas of Veterinary Medicine.  

Contact :
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Assiut University
Assiut 71526
Phone:+20882333938 or +20882411600
Web site:

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